About the Artist


DiCicco earned his BFA in 1997 from the acclaimed Fine Arts Program of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), where he focused his studies on the areas of drawing, painting and furniture design.

By chance, his path would be set during his sophomore year when he received his first commission by the Richmond Historical Society. The project involved creating renderings of four, nineteenth-century landmarks in the city’s Bon Air district for a then-upcoming tour. These works captivated a broad audience throughout the Richmond area, propelling his career as an artist of historic architecture.

Upon graduating, DiCicco relocated to Los Angeles, California and found inspiration within the city’s vast diversity of architectural styles. Momentum gained and his work continued to develop in refinement and scale. During the beginning stages, his subjects were typically depicted in their entirety, showcasing the architecture within its environment. As his compositions evolved through the years, he became interested as well in a closer examination of the individual features which define the structure itself, focusing on the beautiful details and ornate elements that make up the structures fašade.

DiCicco’s highly detailed works elicit a feeling of old world sophistication and have captivated collectors both nationwide and abroad. To learn more about his latest ventures, please visit the “current projects” section of the website.


An active member of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, DiCicco also enjoys sharing his artistic knowledge and talents by instructing occasional courses on Linear Perspective and Architectural Field Drawing to both practitioners and members of the Southern California chapter.


To review his contemporary works on canvas click here.


435 SAN VICENTE BOULEVARD SANTA MONICA CALIFORNIA 90402 310.395.4498 jeff@jeffdicicco.com